Today's Image
A roadrunner juggles it's lunch!!!!!!!!!!!! Great photo by Lam-Son Vinh

gallery updates

The SNBR Photo Gallery has been updated! Some of our favorite photos of wildlife and landscapes, most of which were taken on or near the Banning Ranch property, are featured in the Gallery. Photos may now be viewed either as a slideshow or individually by clicking the desired "thumbnail". The Gallery will continue to change. Photos will be removed and others added as photo ops naturally occur. The images make great desktop backgrounds and/or screensavers. They can be downloaded as 1920x1080 .jpg files by simply right-clicking on the large sized image and selecting "save image as..."


more fake news....?

Is this "fake news" or what? - It is now . Below is now what the current NBR one page website is displaying (we added the red "do not" graphic). The project developer has been fairly consistent with providing misleading information - first they stated a new plan would be available sometime in July and now they are simply stating "we are looking at options" and "in the coming months" we will be refining our "path forward"......