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Swallowtail Butterfly........ 07/17/2017

Court judgement.....

The California State Appellant Court concludes the Banning Ranch Conservancy is the prevailing party for purposes of making a cost award. The previous judgment is reversed with directions to the trial court to issue a new and different writ of mandate commanding the City of Newport Beach to set aside and vacate all approvals relating to the Project and to take no further steps toward approving or otherwise implementing the development of the Project site unless and until the City certifies an EIR which addresses the deficiencies identified by the Supreme Court and is otherwise in compliance with the requirements of CEQA. The Conservancy shall recover its costs incurred on appeal.

new project....?

Despite the California State Court ruling the Newport Banning Ranch developer has posted a new, one page website (shown at the right). The developer is apparently working on a new plan that may be "unveiled" sometime in July. There are many questions about a new project - will it be a much smaller footprint, will the project meet CEQA requirements, can they build without encroaching on existing ESHA? There are obviously many more questions, but we do know this - it will require a new EIR and will also require City of Newport Beach approvals.....stay tuned!