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A new video by Costa Mesa Brief on Banning Ranch - Check it out:

Costa Mesa Brief

Videos are just plain fun!!!! Coyotes are seen during the daylight hours quite often. Sometimes they are alone and other times they are in a pack of about 4 to 6. The Egret video was taken during a 4-day period when a pair of egrets hunted on the property. The pair were very "talkative" - not sure if they were bragging about their catch or not, but they were quite successful. Great Blue Herons visit the property quite often to hunt. Surprisingly enough, they like to hunt small mammals such as gophers and squirrels. They are very interesting to watch. They become very statue like and kind of slowly sneak up on their prey. They move their heads in a rather curious manner right before they strike.
Newport Banning Ranch Great Blue Heron

Newport Banning Ranch Coyote 2012

Newport Banning Ranch Coyote

Egret with Fish