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........most of these subjects are on the Newport Banning Ranch property - taken using a very long lens, as there is no access to the property. Other locations, similar to Banning Ranch incude Upper Newport Bay, Laguna Wilderness & Bolsa Chica Wetlands.

the new plan....??

It has been confirmed...the Banning Ranch hearing will be held on September 07, 2016. The event will take place at the City of Newport Beach Civic Center. The staff report for the agenda item is now currently available.

A summary of Coastal Commission staff recommendations:

Staff is recommending approval of the project as conditioned to include: oil well abandonment and clean-up to the appropriate levels with habitat restoration, protection of all sensitive resources, both biological and cultural, development of water quality improvements and the residential areas to the north of the site specifically the Urban Colony and the North Family Village with a road between the two, and all associated infrastructure and utilities confined to the areas outside of mapped constraints with access limited to 17th street. Staff is also recommending approval of the 329 acre Open Space dedication and habitat restoration.

The "buildable" area as definded by the staff recommendations is the tan areas show below.

Buildable Areas

On July 11, 2016 the Newport Banning Ranch developer submitted yet another "scaled-down" version of the project plan designed to more comply with staff recommendations that the project must avoid environmentally sensitive habitat (ESHA). This is the plan that will likely be presented at the Coastal Commission meeting scheduled for September 07 (the developer could make additional changes and submissions prior to those meetings).

10/7/2015 07/11/2016
Open Space Preserve and Public Parks 290 acres 329 acres
Regional Coastal Vehicular Access 17 acres 12 acres
Visitor Serving Retail – Square Footage 45,100 s.f. 45,100 s.f.
Neighborhood Commercial 29,900 s.f. None
Hotel – Low Cost Overnight Accommodations ( Hostel )        75-20 (rooms)   75-20 (rooms) 
Overnight Accommodations & Retail – Acreage 10 acres 8 acres
Residential Density 1,174 units 895 units
Residential Acreage 67 acres 37 acres
Oil Operations 17 acres. 10 acres
Grading Volume 3.6 million c.y. 2.8 million c.y.
Total 401 acres 401 acres

A complete description of the changes may be accessed via this link.

July 2016 Scaled Down development plan

For more information visit the Coastal Development Permit activity page and/or the NBR timeline page. Please also refer also to the maps page for more development details.