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........most of these subjects are on the Newport Banning Ranch property - taken using a very long lens, as there is no access to the property. Other locations, similar to Banning Ranch incude Upper Newport Bay, Laguna Wilderness & Bolsa Chica Wetlands.

supreme court decision.....

The California State Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the Banning Ranch Conservancy's appeal - 03/30/2017. See News & Events to the left......

The development as shown below will require a new or amended Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and will most probably be altered significantly in order to avoid enviromentally sensitive habitat (ESHA).

The California Coastal Commission Commission voted 9-1 to not issue a development permit to the applicant at the meeting of 09/ 07/2016.

Development Plan As Submitted:
Open Space Preserve and Public Parks   329 acres
Regional Coastal Vehicular Access   12 acres
Visitor Serving Retail – Square Footage   45,100 s.f.
Neighborhood Commercial   None
Hotel – Low Cost Overnight Accommodations ( Hostel )           75-20 (rooms) 
Overnight Accommodations & Retail – Acreage           8 acres
Residential Density 895 units
Residential Acreage   37 acres
Oil Operations                    10 acres
Grading Volume   2.8 million c.y.
Total 401 acres

July 2016 Scaled Down development plan
For more information visit the Coastal Development Permit activity page and/or the NBR timeline page. Please also refer also to the maps page for more development details.